Child like thoughts

My childlike creativity, purity and honesty
Is honestly being crowded by these grown thoughts - Kanye West

When I was younger I coded up projects and told everyone about it just because I could. I was always excited and always imagined my websites becoming the next facebook, I imagined millions of people flocking to it on the daily, I was fearless! Unfortunately this is not how it turned out. After a couple non blockbuster releases and learning what it really took to make a successful web application and gaining some maturity, I sobered up.

I remeber a post from 2006 I wrote in an old blog, titled "I wish bubbles still made me happy" which one of my friends still teases me about everytime she sees me. I talked about how as I grew older, my perspective on life changed and as my responsibilities also grew the "simple" things that made a child happy like toys, bubbles and candy was no longer enough. Something that also sets in when you get older is fear.


I have had the thought to start writing a blog about coding for a while now, and in the old days I would have just done it. But like in the Kanye quote above, I start having these "grown" thoughts, like what if no one reads it, or what if I say something that in the future I wont be able to take back, or I am a very busy person. But if you look at all thoses excuses closely it all boils down to fear. Which is really stupid if you think about it. All that has changed is that now I have learned more excuses for not doing something. Thanks to my friend Uzo who challenged me to a race of who will be the first between us to put up a blog this year, I pulled up ma socks and made it happen.

The blog

Coding is equally an art as it is logical or scientific. Every coder has his or her style, they have their own favorite tools and if you set 500 programmers on a quest to solve a problem, even if all of them solve this problem correctly, all their code will look different in some way or another. Some of my best friends in the field and I agree to disagree on many tools, concepts and philosophies in the field, which I like because I am always learning from them. So this blog is a documentation of my current thoughts and things I find interesting about creating software. You will be less likely to see a post about "How to install node.js on an EC2 server" and more likely to see a post on "How not to lose your shirt coding". So if that interests you I will be posting once a week, Here is to doing stuff I am to busy to do.