How to be disastrous at programming

Chess is my favorite board game of all time! Growing up I played a lot of Chess. From time to time, all that thinking gets a bit tiring and sometimes I just want to play the game but in a different way. Suicide Chess is my favorite Chess variant. The aim of the game is to suck! To win, you have to lose all your pieces before your opponent does. The rule of the game is that your opponent MUST capture any piece that is in their path. What I find stimulating about this game is that to succeed, you need to strategize, which is interesting when you think about it... because the aim of the game is to lose. Why would you have to strategize to lose?

In life, we spend a lot of time measuring how far away we are from being perfect at a skill and never take the time to measure how far away we are from actually sucking at that skill. It actually takes some effort to truly suck at something. So this is a post about how to write terrible code. Hopefully, by the end of this, you can tell how far away you are from sucking at coding but if everything applies to you... now you know what you are doing right.

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