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Workstation: Ratchet Birthday Party (Week 6)

I have been quiet for the past two weeks cause I have been on vacation. I took the chance to unplug. It is strange how having sparse internet in a location can be refreshing. In the last two weeks, it was also my birthday and I am really not the type to celebrate birthdays. I detest the attention. Don't get me wrong, I like attention just like anyone else, but when it's your birthday, you have people assembling in a location just to come to celebrate that you survived one more year. That is nice in itself, we should always be grateful that "We made it!" but then it starts getting awkward when people start looking to you to lead the party, turn up, decide what music to listen to, decide what club you are going to. While in your mind you are worried about that box of Superman t-shirts you ordered on Amazon last night while drunk and you are wondering if that Chinese factory accepts returns. Even worse is when they start looking to you to make a speech to impart some knowledge about something you learned from last year and you are like "homies, it was all of us last week laying on the ground binge watching Entourage and drinking beer, promising each other that if one of us made it, we will take everyone else along... Nothing has changed since last week" 😂.

Ok ok, the point I am trying to make is that if I do have a party, the more ratchet the party the better. I like birthday parties where you are not celebrating how together your life is but how childish and care-free your life still is. So with that, this weeks playlist is some of the rap songs I have had on repeat while on vacation.