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Work Station: Crescendo!

It is the holiday season and most of us are on holiday. At home visiting family, going to Christmas and house parties. It is the end of the year where we review the past year, decide what we liked about it and make new years resolutions around the things we want to change about the past year. One of the things ending for me is the creation of these playlists (Work Station). It was a fun experiment that I wanted to share some of the music I listen to with all of you, give you a glimpse into other parts of me as a human and I feel that has run its course. From time to time I may still share an album or some tracks but this will be the last playlist of its kind.

As that cheesy Dr.Seuss line goes:

"Don't cry because it is over, Smile because it happened"

On that note, I'm closing it out with a party playlist.