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Workstation: Spellbound

When I was a child around the age of 9-10, my parents bought me a magic set. It was a set of props and book with instructions that allowed me to perform some pretty awestriking tricks, accompanied with this set was a smaller book with 100+ tricks you can do with decks of cards and other household items. As you can imagine I went wild with this. I became the resident magician in the neighborhood and performed magic tricks for all my parent's guests and grandparents. This was all fun and games till some of my parent's friends called them aside to share their concern that allowing me to engage in this might be a gateway to me participating in witch-craft or even worse, some feared I was already a sorcerer 😂.

Like every nerd before me, my draw to magic was how being armed with a little slight of hand, psychology and uncommon scientific facts you could capture the attention of anyone and divert it to whatever and where ever you wanted.

This weeks playlist is focused on some interesting sounding tracks, that capture your attention because they make you feel like you are in space or in an ocean of emotion. That being said with your captured attention you are spellbound and focused deeply on your code and you get lost in your own head. Enjoy!