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Workstation: Think and Grow Rich (Week 7)

Anyone close to me knows my love for thought experiments. I love looking at things that we take for granted in our lives or society and finding out what might be extraordinary about it. One of my most recent discoveries is the power of thought itself. It is common knowledge now that in the world we live in, intelligence (The ability to think effectively) is one of the most valued attributes of a person, but it has not always been like this. In the natural world around us most animals survive based on their physical strength, but due to our intelligence we have superseded all other animals and currently possess the ability to annihilate any other species we as humans decide to... in fact we do this by mistake sometimes these days. We are basically the only animals on this planet that can make the 'executive' decision which other animals we will let play on this rock we live on with us.

Another interesting thing to think about is that long ago if you were a physically strong human, you could just beat up another human and take their mating partner, land, belongings and that was the end of it. No courts, no lawyers... it was Jungle Justice. What I find particularly interesting is that along the way, some smart humans convinced the strong humans that it was not ok to beat up other humans and take their stuff. We developed something called human rights, a moral code and a justice system that relied on intelligence and abandoned physical strength as the deciding factor of who deserves something. This is very interesting because most smart people we know are usually also not the strongest around, so that must have been some real persuasion techniques. I know I am oversimplifying the whole situation and there are very logical reasons why strong people will give up the throne to intelligence (Lets save that for another post), but it is interesting to see how slowly but surely we live in a world ruled by nerds. Hence the playlist for the week Think and Grow Rich, named after the famous book by Napoleon Hill, that preaches how the power of thought allows you to manifest anything you want in this life to reality... again I am oversimplifying but I digress. These tracks are tracks to think to. They are what you put on when you want to get lost in thought, get in flow and simply get work done. So happy new week enjoy!