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Work Station: Popsicle (Week 1)

Anyone that has been reading this blog for a while knows that music is an essential part of my work process. In my quest of finding the best playlist or songs to get me in the zone to crank out that code, I stumble upon some interesting artists and tracks. Starting today I will begin to share them. 10 tracks I enjoyed from the previous week every week. Maybe someone will find their new favorite track or a fun variation of a track you already know. As long as it makes your work day more enjoyable, hence the name of this series "Work Station"... Get it?!🤓

Sometimes they will be themed and some times it will be just 10 tracks from varying genres. One thing this is not, it is not a DJ set of anykind, so I cannot promise that all the songs will "flow" together, being a DJ has not been one of my achievements in this life but I like to think I have interesting taste in music 😎. Regardless you should be able to put on the playlist and just work with it in the background.

This series will not replace or interrupt my weekly tech posts, they are just an addition to the posts I will be doing. This week's playlist is called Popsicle... you know cause it is summer and its a playlist of EDM tracks that are leaning in the Pop direction, ... those electronic tracks you can actually sing along to and make you wanna dance. Google is not the only company that can come up with cool dessert names for their projects. Hope you enjoy it.