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Workstation: Bangers & Mash (Week 2)

In World War I there were meat shortages, so sausages made back then had a higher water content than normal, these sausages were more likely to POP under a high level of heat so sausages were nicknamed bangers, that coupled with the tendency of people shortening perefectly normal names (Mashed Potaoes) a traditional British and Irish meal of sausages and mashed potatoes became known till this day as Bangers and Mash. In my college days this was my favorite meal at an Irish Pub I used to frequent on the college campus. During that time I was a big fan of Mashups. The nostalgia of an old favorite song interlaced with a modern top 40 hit track was irrisitable to me. I could never get enough, to me these tracks are timeless. So with that being said, this weeks playlist is a list of covers of hit tracks (Bangers) and Mashups I loved from the old days, that I am a big fan of today. Without further ado here is Bangers and Mashups... I mean mash.