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Workstation: Business Class Lounge (Week 4)

The airport has always been one of my favorite places to work. I find the traffic of a big international airport very inspiring. There are people running for what seems like their lives to catch a flight, and you watch them run by someone else who seems perfectly at peace, staring straight ahead paying no attention to the runner. There are shops all screaming for your attention and TVs at every corner. Lounges, bars, and restaurants. A mum struggling to cart all her four kids to the gate and a young couple holding each other like they are afraid that if they don't hold on tight enough the other person would slip away, even though they are getting unto the same flight. Sitting in the middle of all this with my headphones on, playing some serene funky track always makes me feel like I am in a movie. Everything is moving fast but peaceful at the same time and sparks of ideas shoot into my brain. In the midst of chaos, I fall deeply into work.