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Workstation: Genesis (Week 5)

Recently the line from Big Amount where 2 Chainz said : "...If you woke up this mornin', nigga you winnin' for real" has been ringing in my head.

I find that having a positive mindset is the most productive mindset to have. Sometimes it is hard to keep a positive mindset because so much is going on around you. I call those days 2 coffee days, these are days where I need more than one cup of coffee to stay focused and complete the tasks at hand. I find that lack of focus usually appears on important days, on days where I just need to get through to move up to the next level, to complete a goal and then the temptation to binge watch Luke Cage on Netflix shows up. Another scenario is whenever I "remember" my new years resolution to get back to the gym and day by day I run longer, I lift more and then it gets to a point where I am about to break into a new all-time high and that's when the voice in my head asks "Who do you think you are... Usain Bolt?... bro calm down". It is always on the cusp of reaching a goal or a breakthrough we reach the Final Boss ... yourself.

My cheat code to maintinang a positive mindset is that I sprinkle some motivational tracks in my work playlists so that at any time I am slacking and one of them come on, they give me a slap to get back on track and make shit happen. So this weeks playlist is a bunch of tracks or mashups of great speeches over music that I have had on repeat at one point or another to get me hyped to complete something. That's why the playlist is called Genesis... it gives you the last push you need to move on to something new.